Our campaigns seek to shift social and legislative norms to curb the demand of human trafficking and the prevalence of gender-based violence through:

  • engaging in government lobbying

  • making regular submissions to legislative reform

  • presenting at Human rights foras

  • advocating for survivors of gender-based and sexual violence

  • publishing academic research and writing articles

  • running annual campaigns that highlight and bring solution to these complex challenges.

If you would like to get involved in our regular advocacy, lobbying campaign work, please contact us.

Launched in 2017, our annual men-led pledge campaign - “Prostitution, I Don’t Buy It” - calls for men to sign the oath and take the pledge, committing to seeing the end of commodification of flesh and therefore exploitation in our communities.

The campaign is a chance for men to have a public discussion with their male peers about the standards they wish to see into their future, and encourage healthy decision making which considers the prevalence of gender and seuxal based violcence in our communities.

Please contact us if you would like to partner with us and lead this campaign in your local State on International Women’s Day, March 2018.

Legislative reform

Fighting for Justice Foundation is an international human rights advocacy lobbying organisation focused on the eradication of modern day slavery by curbing its demand through law reform and policy shifts of social norms in the Australasia region.

We advocate for the Nordic Model – the international best practice model to eradicate human trafficking by recognising that the exchange of money for sexual services is violence against women, that it is not compatible with human rights and gender equality principles, and that it creates a demand for trafficked women and children.  

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