Andrea Tokaji

Andrea Tokaji is the Founding Director of Fighting for Justice Foundation. She is an international human rights lawyer, advocate, educator, speaker and writer.

Andrea combines her life experience as a refugee child, work as a therapist, working in government and for international organisations and her experience in politics with her passion for justice and legal training to now advocate and lobby for trafficked persons and displaced persons in the Australasia region.

She is currently a PhD Candidate of Philosophy Law with Murdoch University seeking to bring a legal solution to curbing the demand of human trafficking from an international human rights legal perspective for the Australasia region.

After running for parliament in 2008, Andrea completed her Juris Doctor and Masters of International law, while working for the Australian Government in law reform and policy formation  for Attorney-General’s Department and for international organisations.

Andrea Tokaji was admitted to the ACT Supreme Court as a Legal Practitioner in 2013. 

Since 2009, Andrea Tokaji has advocated for combating human trafficking by curbing the demand for this horrific international crime that objectifies, commodifies and exploits vulnerable women and children – by looking at the Nordic Model as an international best practice model to implement in the Australasia region, and the intersect that occurs between human trafficking and people smuggling.

Fighting for Justice Foundation is a part of a global network coalition of lawyers committed to upholding the rule of law and engage in human rights advocacy.

Andrea Tokaji speaks at Conferences regularly.

Contact us if you would like Andrea Tokaji to speak at your Conference/event, or provide legal human rights or advocacy training. 

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