Andrea Tokaji

Andrea Tokaji is the Founder of Fighting for Justice Foundation and the founder of the Demand an End to Demand Campaigns and End Demand educational Workshops for boys and men. 

Andrea Tokaji is an Advocate, Author and Academic. 

Andrea Tokaji is an academic researcher (PhD) in human trafficking and slavery from an international human rights perspective. 

Andrea Tokaji is a trained therapist and international human rights lawyer, and a thought leader in human rights, trafficking, gender equity, women’s rights, and slavery. 

Andrea has extensive experience implementing government policy in complex portfolios, including mental health, human rights, migration and trafficking from high level strategic leadership positions in both Australia’s Government and through leading United Nations projects.

With two decades of experience working with vulnerable communities, Andrea has delivered educational seminars, academic presentations at national and international conferences since 2005 , and has more recently delivered legal training for a range of stakeholders. 

Andrea is a thought leader on human rights matters and brings a holistic approach to her work, within a strong gender equity framework.

Andrea is passionate about providing restorative justice alternate therapeutic pathways to both victim survivors of gender based and sexual crimes, and to prevent harm. 

Since 2009, Andrea has advocated for the prevention of trafficking by disrupting demand for this horrific international human rights crime that predominantly objectifies, commodifies and exploits vulnerable women and children – by looking at international best practice models as a solution focus in the Australasia region.

Andrea combines her life experience as a refugee child, professional academic studies and experiences to be an advocate for justice and lobbyist for trafficked and displaced persons in the Australasia region, with a holistic approach, a strong human rights and gender equity framework

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