Calling on ALL MEN! Get behind the NorMAC Pledge for the prevention of the commodification of women and children in Australia!!

It is a privilege for Fighting for Justice Foundation to be the ACT Representative for Nordic Model Australia Coalition (NorMAC).  NorMAC is a survivor – led not-for-profit, that was established to educate, promote and research and to disseminate information on Nordic Model laws on prostitution. 

Academic studies tell us: 

– 89% of women involved in prostitution want to stop. 

– 68% of prostitutes suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, similarly to torture victims.

– 73% were victims of childhood or adult sexual abuse.

– 33% were homeless and 65% were in severe housing distress.

– 35% were forced into prostitution by excessive gambling or gambling debts.

This leads us to ask: how voluntarily are these vulnerable women entering prostitution? 

It is for these reasons, that NorMAC stands for:

1. The decriminalisation of all prostituted persons;

2. The criminalisation of the purchase of sexual services;

3. The education of the community, and particular men, about the harms of prostitution and the value of women;

4. The ongoing investigation and prosecution of crimes involving trafficking and sexual exploitation of the vulnerable; 

5. The rejection of any form of commercialisation or corporatisation of the sex industry; and 

6. The provision of holistic exit programs for prostituted persons, including sustainable long-term funding.

NORMAC believes that the most effective solution is to tackle the demand for paid sex.

Prostitution undermines gender equality by commodifying mainly women as sexual goods to be purchased by men.

Our campaign is calling on governments in Australia to introduce Nordic model laws which will end the exploitation of women, children and men in the sex industry, and provide appropriate exit programs.

We want to see criminalisation of the purchase of sexual acts, pimping, procuring and trafficking of persons for sexual exploitation.

The Nordic Model is being recognised internationally as the most effective human rights approach to dealing with Prostitution and 2014 has seen Nordic Model legislation passed in Canada, France and Northern Ireland.

You can find some of our resources here

NorMAC has been behind Ireland’s ‘Prostitution – We Don’t Buy It’ Campaign, led by Tom Meagher– the husband of murdered journalist Jill Meager. 

We have brought this campaign to Australia. 

You can hear NorMAC Tasmanian Representative Matthew Holloway interviewed about this campaign here. 

In standing against the commodification of women and children through prostitution, NorMAC is calling on ALL MEN to stand for the promotion of human dignity and the prevention of the commodification of women and children through prostitution by signing the following PLEDGE during human rights week 2015

Share this across all of your social media networks, pledge it up, and stand against the commodification of women. 

PUBLIC PLEDGE: Sign the Pledge with other men outside your State’s Parliament House at 11am on 5 December 2015 to make a stand against the commodification of women, calling for the implementation of the Nordic Model in your jurisdiction. 

I am asking you to not only get on board with this worthwhile National Campaign by signing the Petition, but also to attend the event, and invite as many men of integrity as you know who will stand for the human dignity and the prevention of the commodification of women and children through prostitution. 

Invitation to Men to Take the Pledge…. Prostitution – I dont’ buy it

You are invited to sign this Pledge and to attend the launch at 11am on the 5 December 2015 in front of Parliament House in your capital city. 

We would like to invite any men wishing to put their name on this Pledge to take the lead on 4th July and attend a Press Conference at 11am on 4th July outside Parliament House in each state.



Join men from across Australia who are coming together to take a stand against sex trafficking and the commercial sexual exploitation of women and children worldwide.  

Stand for the promotion of human dignity and the prevention of the commodification of women and children through prostitution. 

Sign the Nordic Model Australia Coalition (NorMAC) pledge – Prostitution – I Don’t Buy It.  

In Ireland earlier this year, Tom Meagher, whose journalist wife, Jill Meagher, was murdered in Melbourne in 2012, spoke at the launch of a similar campaign. 

Jill Meagher’s killer, Adrian Bayley, had a long history of raping and abusing prostitutes. 

Adrian Bayley is on public record as stating he had a ‘right’ to rape prostitutes, because he ‘paid for it’.

At the Irish campaign launch Tom Meagher spoke about men’s role in prostitution –

‘This dehumanisation [of women] comes from knowing that what they are doing is not right.  If you pay for sex, the money is not buying consent, it is paying for the temporary suspension of the woman’s right not to consent’.

Mr Meagher spoke of the lies of ‘consensual transactions’ and the ‘pernicious lie of the male libido being beyond the control of the man who owns that libido. That feeds into a lie that we can’t help ourselves’.

He said there was a ‘need to end the lie that this is about sexual liberation. It isn’t, it is about sexual exploitation. The circumstances are usually coercive, but even if they are not, the buyer has no way of knowing.

Ultimately, the only person making the choice is the buyer and the choices we make absolutely matter’.

In signing the NorMAC pledge – Prostitution – I Don’t Buy It – men commit to:

Understanding that the commodification of women’s bodies for sexual purposes is harmful and undermines women’s human rights, dignity and gender equality.

Actively raising public awareness and openly discussing with other men the myths surrounding prostitution and sexual exploitation and trafficking, especially in Australia.

Assisting to curb the demand for sexual services by supporting the introduction in Australia of Nordic model laws on prostitution, in recognition of the urgent need to provide peace and security for all women.

I agree to make the above pledge for the Prostitution – I Don’t Buy It campaign

I agree to have my name listed on the pledge webpage at


Name                             Email                                                            


Join Tom Meagher in the Campaign to end exploitation and the commodification of women, and forward your signature and contact details to: 

Simone Watson

Director NorMAC

Pledge Co-ordinator

Thank you!

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