The demand for human trafficking and the prevalence of gender-based violence curbed through therapeutic prevention diversionary education programs. These programs are to be run in schools, juvenile justice facilities and delivered to people who wish to change how they use the internet.

Cognitive behavioural therapy disciplines, academic research, statistics, and information to re-form unhealthy thinking and behaviour that leads to gender based and sexually violent attitudes.

The therapeutic prevention diversionary education programs are for:

  1. young people in schools

  2. young people in juvenile justice facilities

  3. men who have decided they want to shift their thinking or behaviour.

The programs are run in one-day intensive seminars, as well as weekly group therapy-style sessions focusing on:

  • what is gender equality

  • the effects of gender-based violence

  • rape laws

  • sexual harassment

  • the rights of women

  • respect of women (worth, value, dignity)—human rights principles

  • human rights laws

  • What are healthy relationships

  • understanding expectations, and

  • developing respectful practices.

If you would like Fighting for Justice Foundation to visit your organisation or school to present on the above, contact us.


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