FFJF in 2016- and approaching Canberra Fundraiser!

Fighting for Justice Foundation is the only international human rights advocacy, lobbying, law reform and legal training organisation in the Australasia region seeking to curb the demand of trafficked persons - before it even begins.

2016 has been a huge year for FFJF - with the launch of: 

1. Legal training in: 

2. The Rights of Women and The Rights of Children Handbooks found here on the FFJF Shop Page, and 

3. The launch of FFJF Merch found here on the FFJF Shop Page here! 

sas well as international human rights advocacy, and lobbying, including:

  1. writing three Federal Government submissions;
  2. writing a UN Women submission;
  3. international travel for research and work into America;  
  4. international travel for research and work into Mae La Refugee Camp on the Thai/Burma Border;
  5. speaking at two national Conferences - including The Justice Conference and the Beyond Festival; and 
  6. speaking at the international Australasian lawyers convention. 


FFJF was on a panel with International Justice Mission, the A21 Campaign and Stop the Traffic - we all have a slightly different approach, but we are all about the same thing: to stop trafficking and slavery in our lifetime! FFJF's approach is to curb it's demand even before human trafficking begins! 






At this Festival, FFJF spoke about the intersect between human trafficking and people smuggling - and the reality of the trafficking highway in south-east Asia that is accessed by organised crime! What should we do about it? We need to make sure Australia is not creating a demand for trafficked persons - as consumers, the power is ours - in the garments we purchase, and refusing to access pornography or the adult industry that creates a platform for trafficking and slavery to thrive! 



FFJF was able to present on Human Trafficking - and why the Nordic Model is it's solution! This is an important conversation to have in the context of curbing the demand of trafficked persons. 

We were also able to welcome a very special guest - a Karen refugee who spoke to us about the realities and challenges of displaced persons! 


FFJF has also been busy  building the FFJF brand on line, launching new FFJF products on our on-line store, networking, building campaigns and projects, and dreaming BIG for 2017! 

To top it all off, FFJF has it's 2016 Canberra Fundraiser for the Trafficked on the 4 November 7pm @ 7/17 Walder street Belconnen - with all the proceeds going to the work of curbing the demand of human trafficking in the Australasia region! 

Come and hear about the international human rights work Fighting for Justice Foundation has been doing in 2016 and what is in store for 2017. 

Amber Nichols (The Voice 2015) will be performing live! 

Amy Jones will be performing her item 'Freedom'!

Andrea will be sharing about what is happening in the human trafficking and displaced persons space in the Australasia region, and sharing projects you can get involved in locally to curb the demand of human trafficking! 

Light refreshments will be provided, you can be a part of the raffles, the auction, and there will be an opportunity for you to purchase FFJF products, or artwork from various artists around Australia and internationally!

Invite friends, come expectant and share the news! 

$50 pp, $80 for a couple or $20 concession at the door: all funds raised will go to the work with trafficked in the Australasia region - and cubing the demand of human trafficking! 

Make sure you pass on the invite to your Canberra networks! 

Hope to see you there! 

ffjf-fundraiser-canberra-2016                        Facebook Events Page to RSVP here: 


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