Sarah Elizabeth Grace – A Typographical Artist for human rights

I love what I do for so many reasons. 

One of those reasons is for the incredible people I get to meet globally. 

In Melbourne last month, I met Sarah Elizabeth Grace. 

She is an artist. 

Not just any Artist, but one who captures images by writing text. 

Yes, she s a Typographical artist. 

She has an incredibly mathematical mind. She has to, to be able to look at a photo, and at the same time, write out text in a way that captures the image she is looking at. 

She is incredible. 

One of my favorite images is of a little boy – the image is called ‘crying boy’, and Sarah has captured this emotional image by writing out the United Nation’s 1951 Refugee Convention. 

Yep – just words …. 

The original photo was taken by Zoriah.  

Zoriah is an award-winning photojournalist whose work has been featured in some of the world’s most prestigious galleries, museums and publications.

Sarah finds insiraiton from human rights based images or stories, and then she writes…. She has also drawn a portrait of Michael Jackson, by writing out the lyrics to his ‘Thriller’. 

Sarah was also recenlty on TED x – you can hear her story here.

To view here work, purchase a product, or custom-order your own image go to her Facebook Page.

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