How much is your daughter worth? – The price of Underaged girls in Cambodia

Do you have a daughter?

Do you have a sister? 

Would you sell her for sex for just $3? 

That is what is happening to vulnerable, underaged poverty-stricken young girls in Cambodia. 

WATCH Don Brewster, the Director of Agape International Missions in Cambodia who has undertaken some undercover investigative work in this area, recorded in the Documentary Nefarious: Merchant of Souls produced by Exodus Cry.

This documentary exposes the reality of Karaoke Bars in Cambodia, which are full of girls – with at leas one third underaged.

Child Prostitution exists. 

The problem is, the exploitation and abuse of underaged girls is fueled by Western Sex Tourists.  For only $3.00 USD per girl. 

There would not be child sex slaves, if there was no demand for such abhorrent, abusive acts. 

The parents of the girls often feel there is no other way out of poverty – which is a blatant fallacy. 

But, the thing that is fueling the industry and the market for child sex slaves, is the demand and payment of such acts by western tourists. 

Sex Tourists. 

Men, who, instead of standing up to protect the vulnerable and innocent, exploit, abuse and traumatize these girls – scarring them for the rest of their lives. 

The girls are often coerced, tricked, or forced into this work by family, their village, or pimps that find a vulnerable girl in need of work to provide for their families. 

The girl has no choice. 

As if she would chose to live such a horrific reality anyway. 

She does not even have the developed cognition to fully realise the implications of what she is going through. 

The girls’ parents have done wrong by them – committing the ultimate child abuse, but the role that Australia plays, as a demand nation for the service of sex from children, is a far greater sin – because we have the upper hand – we are educated, resourced, and privileged in that. 

Each of her customers has the power to change her life – for good. 

When a child starts crying in the arms of a man caressing her, when a man wants to engage in lustful sexual acts with an underaged child, and the child starts crying out of sheer terror – traumatized – why does the man not stop? 

Why does the man chose to continue to engage in such abusive acts?

Why does he not report it to the authorities? 

Why does he not try and rescue this little, vulnerable innocent one? 

Why does he not try and help her? 

It is in his power to do so. 

We need more men to stand against the exploitation and abuse of children – to talk to their peers about setting a higher standard – one that stands agains exploitation and instead seeks to protect and provide for the vulnerable and the innocent. 

I saw this documentary when it first came out a few years ago, and it still moves me to do what I do today. May you also be moved by compassion to combat human trafficking, by curbing the demand for the exploitation of the vulnerable, weak and impoverished. With your choices, you can make a difference.

To see the full length documentary, go to: 

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