How the Farang are contributing to the demand in trafficked persons

‘Farang’ is the word used in Thai to refer to Westerners, but is used to refer to all tourists. 

Farang are coming to Thailand thick and fast. 

Especially from Australia. 

There were 11.47 million tourists in Thailand in the first half of last year, which was a 13.3 million rise in tourists in just six months. 

Thailand relies heavily on Farang to boost their economy, and tourism is Thailand’s major revenue earner, accounting for 10 per cent of the country’s gross domestic product. 

The side of tourism that is not so beneficial to Thailand, is the sex tourists who visit every day, particularly Australian sex tourists. 

Australian sex tourists to Thailand are common, in the form of young male graduates celebrating in Thailand with their mates for a week of ‘sun, surf and sex’, it is a hot spot for FIFO (fly in, fly out) workers, particularly in the Mining industry  who do not have families to go home to, and it is even the reported preferred destination, along with Denpasar for convicted Pedophiles form Australia. 

A few years ago, it was reported that hundreds of sex offenders were leaving Australia to prey on children without fear of prosecution in places such as Thailand and Indonesia. 

The Sunday Times reported that Australian federal Police statistics show that one quarter of Western Australia’a registered sex offender’s on the National Child Offenders Resister who travel overseas visited Denpasar, but are not being properly tracked, once they leave the airport. 

So, if our authorities have no idea where Australia’s registered sex offenders are, and what they are doing, who is making sure they are not re-offending? 

The influx of Farang into places like Thailand and Indonesia, particularly from Australia often not only contributes to the adult entertainment industry, but also to the demand for persons working in this industry, which leads to a rise in the trafficking of not only vulnerable women, but also vulnerable children in these communities. 

The exploitation and commodification of women and children by Farang’s in places like Thailand and Indonesia by Australians is also exacerbated by pathetic individuals such as Brad Walker, author of ‘Amazing Thailand: The Farang’s Guide for Good living in the Land of Smiles’. 

His book hit Number Five on Asia Bookstores list of best selling books. I can’t imagine why though. 

A fan raves that Brad is a ‘worthy tutor’ – teaching how to ‘live a hedonistic existence’, and the book is recommended for ‘western single men of a certain age’. 

Brad is an overweight, old, balding, grey haired American man, who has basically written a book advising Farangs in Thailand how and where to get cheap sex. 

Brad unashamedly states that his initial target audience for the book was ‘drunken whoremongers’. 

A local Thai paper reviews the book as a ‘whore guide’. 

Brad tries to paint himself as a victim, who marries a prostitute from Pattaya, and then is later used for his money. Talk about the pot calling the kettle…. 

Did he ever stop to think about the multiple women he has used in ‘the Land of Smiles’? 

I wonder if these women ever felt used or exploited. 

So, when a Farang feels like he has been used, he writes a book about it, a book full of tips on how to use women. When the local Thai women are used, what are they left with? They are often not even left with the little money they were given. 

Back to my point: Farang like Brad come to Thailand for one thing, and advise their mates to come to Thailand for that same thing. 

Farang, like Brad, are coming to Thailand and creating a demand for women and children sex slaves, and see nothing wrong with this, because ‘they have amazing bodies, and they love what they do’. 

I wonder if Brad ever asked his favorite bar girls if they loved what they do, or even if they were there because they chose to be. 

Studies reveal that 40% of women have been coerced into prostitution, and that 78% of prostitutes have been raped 16 times per year on average by their pimps, and 33 times on average per year by Johns. 

That’s a total of 49 rapes per year, experienced by almost 80% of prostitutes. 

It is no wonder that it has been recorded that 60% of men, women and transgender persons who work as Prostitutes live with post traumatic stress disorder.

I don’t know any woman who would engage in an industry by choice, which made her the subject of repeated abuse, resulting in life long trauma. 

These statistics go to the heart of the discussion about voluntariness in prostitution, but also show the ugly side that drives this industry = demand. 

Real men don’t have to pay for it. 

They don’t take it without consent, either. 

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