International Non Adversarial Conference 2017

The Second International Conference on Non – Adversarial Justice addressing the integration of theory and practice held by the Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration Incorporated was a fruitful time of networking with the fathers of non adversarial jurisprudence, learning about pilot programs across the Nation and beyond, and to present a little of my research and proposed model of non adversarial theories applied to gender based violence victims, both as a rehabilitative and preventative diversionary model.

Non Adversarial Conference

The second week of April in Sydney was stunning – especially down at Darling Harbour where the conference was held.

The program was full of inspiring judges, practitioners, academics, lawyers and researchers all preferring and implementing non-adversarial pathways into various legal matters, including family law, children’s advocacy, mental health tribunals, domestic violence, sexual violence and assault cases – and even into debt recovery by the Australian Taxation Office!

We heard from successful practice models and pilot programs such as the Neighbourhood Justice Centre in Victoria, Specialist Family Violence Courts, the likelihood of Restorative Cities, Koori Courts, Dispute Assist provided by the ATO, the Hawaii’s Opportunity Probation with Enforcement (HOPE), an Israeli model of applying non-adversarial and therapeutic justice in court systems, the NZ sexual violence justice outside the courtroom alternative, Community based victim -centred restorative justice for sexual violence victims – and so much more.Non Adversarial Conference

Based on the theorise of alternative dispute resolution, mediation, restorative justice, problem solving and procedural justice, these new pilots and practices are the new era of justice in our society.

There is a clear shift away from purely adversarial options in the justice sector.

And Fighting for Justice Foundation is part of this significant theoretical and practice shift.

The provision of our Advocacy, Education and Outreach services have a strong non-adversarial focus, and a therapeutic jurisprudential problem solving model, that allows space for conciliation, mediation, restorative practices within preventative, diversionary and rehabilitative practices.

This theoretical and practice approach is of course highly favourable for vulnerable victims of gender based violence, sexual abuse/trauma victim survivors, for exploited, trafficked and enslaved persons – as they require a strong therapeutic jurisprudential response to their needs holistically and in consideration of their well being and rehabilitation.

We currently provide Advocacy, Education and Outreach services that we propose will be a part of an Advocacy centre into the future within this framework and practices. This of course, requires funding and collaborative practices to deliver a multi-disciplinary holistic service to community.

In the meantime, we are formulating our theories within the PhD research, as well as our practices.

If you would like to partner with FFJF in our pursuit of this cutting edge non-adversarial justice models of practice for the most vulnerable in our community, please contact us.

  Sydney  Harbor Bridge Conference

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