Parliamentary Lobbying

Our Lobbying work in Parliaments across Australia makes sure that international best practices are considered and victim survivors of slavery and trafficking are a priority in our laws. 

Since 2012, Fighting for Justice Foundation has advocated for victim survivors of trafficking and slavery through political lobbying, ensuring law reform that considers the best interest of victim survivors with a preventative diversionary approach from a human rights and international best practice perspective. 

Fighting for Justice Foundation regularly lobbies parliaments across Australia. 

Our Advocacy work is steeped in evidence based research, and includes: 

  • government lobbying

  • submissions to legislative reform

  • presenting at Human rights foras

  • advocating for survivors of gender-based and sexual violence

  • thought leadership, and 

  • solution focused annual campaigns. 


We have been consistently lobbying for a robust draft of a Modern Slavery Bill for Australia. 

Our position is that Australia's Modern Slavery Bill needs to consider brothels as a high-risk industry, 

with non-reporting triggering not only penalties but also law enforcement investigations. 

We have had a significant role to play in the introduction of the NSW Modern Slavery Bill,

and contributed extensively to the drafting of the Bill. 

Here are our tips on how to make parliamentary submissions. 

Here are our tips on how to lobby government. 

Join us in our advocacy lobbying work; contact us today.


Law Reform

Fighting for Justice Foundation is an international human rights advocacy lobbying organisation focused on the eradication of modern day slavery by disrupting and curbing its demand through law reform and policy shifts of social norms in the Australasia region.

We acknowledge that the world's slaves are women and children, and they experience sexual and gendered violence regularly - whether they are forced into sexual servitude or not.

We also know that 75% of the 45.8 million known slaves in the world today are in the Australasia region, and call on developed nations that legalise an industry that perpetuates violence against women to take a lead on their human rights due diligence obligations to prevent harm from occurring to the most vulnerable. 

We advocate for international best practice models to eradicate human trafficking by recognising that the exchange of money for sexual services is violence against women, that brothels are incompatible with human rights and gender equality principles, and that it creates a demand for trafficked women and children.  

We recognise the due diligence obligations of the State and civil society in preventing harm - especially to children and believe that prevention, disruption and diversion are the best possible strategies in eradicating slavery, exploitation and human trafficking in our lifetime. 

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