Persecuted Assyrians Seek Self-determination

The 5th annual Assyrian Day Conference took place on Sunday 28 June 2015. 

The Assyrian people have been persecuted for many centuries, and have been seeking self determination for many years. 


For a compelling and graphic insight into the plight of Assyrian Christians in Iraq who are persecuted by ISIS through summary execution, beheadings, and even crucifixions , you can view this thorough documentary that has captured the devastation that Assyrians have faced as victims of persecution over the most recent years here:

The Assyrians are currently experiencing genocide, and crimes against humanity.

Their situation is dire. Most have fled their homelands. 

The Assyrian Christians pre-date Islam and Muhammad by 600 years. 

The Assyrian Universal Alliance and the Young Assyrians organized an impressive conference this year with no only a great line up of main speakers in Peter Wertheim – an impressive lawyer who spoke about ‘The Right of National Self -Determination’, Dr Elizabeth Kendal who passionately presented ‘After Saturday, comes Sunday’ – a reference to the persecution of Jews, and now Christians, and Joseph Haweil who presented ‘From Entreaty to Engagement’. 

Elizabeth Kendal spoke on persecution: “After Saturday Comes Sunday” – referring to the persecution of Christians following the persecution of Jews. 

There is a popular Arabic war cry which never fails to make the blood of Middle Eastern Christian run cold.

Whether Muslims are spray-painting it on walls, whispering it in ears or chanting it in the streets, “After Saturday comes Sunday” (Arabic: Ba’d as-sabt biji yom al-ahad”) is issued as a threat – a warning to Christians – that after the Muslims have dealt with the Jews (who worship on Saturday), then they will deal with the Christians (who worship on Sunday).

It should be clear by now that this is no idle threat.

There were various parliamentarians who spoke of their support to the Assyrians, including The Hon Chris Bowen, Shadow Treasurer, The Hon Rev Fred Nile, The Hon. David Clarke Parliamentary Secretary for Justice, Craig Kelly MLA, Guy Zangari MP, Tanya Davies MP – to name a few. 

The now autonomy of south Sudan, who after much persecution claimed self-determination and economic, cultural, social, religious and governmental independence was a recent example in history reflected on in this regard. 

Currently, two major Assyrian parties – the Assyrian democratic Movement and Th. Chaldean Assyrian Popular Council call for a creation of 19th governorate which will incorporate Shek han, Al-Hamdaniya and Tel Keppe districts of Nina Governorate for all minorities living there. 

On Thursday 20 March 2014, the Hon Rev Fred Nile successfully moved the historic Assyrian Homeland motion which was passed unanimously by all political parties in the New South Wales Parliament. 

The motion called on the House to consider and support a resolution by the Australian Assyrians that demands the Iraqi Government to accord the new proposed Nineveh Plains Province an autonomous status to the Assyrians and otters Christian minorities. 

Since its inception in April 1968, the Assyrian Universal Alliance has bee established to serve as he primary national collective for all Assyrian organisations, standing to defend, promote, protect and preserve the Assyrian National, political, cultural, economic and indigenous human rights globally and foremost in the Assyrian ancestral homelands against all adversaries that may be either from external or internal origins. 

This year, the Assyrian Universal Alliance has really stepped up their lobbying to the Australian Parliament, after the ISIS attacks on 35 Assyrian villages stretching 80 km in North East Syria was reported. 

The Assyrian Universal Alliance called on the Australian Government to help in efforts to release the Assyrian Prisoners captured by ISIS and provide immediate humanitarian aid and protection to Assyrian refugees impacted by the current turmoil. 

My prayers are for the families that have been affected by this violence and genocide, for God’s grace, for wisdom for our leaders – that they make decisions with discernment in where to send aid and humanitarian support, and to whom. 

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