Presenting at The Geneva Institute for Leadership and Public Policy

Theodore Roosevelt said: ‘Courage is not having the strength to go on; it is going on when you don’t have the strength.’ In leadership, courage of this kind is a necessity. 

Every year, Global Hope Network International bring together leaders of Nations and Government Officials at the Geneva Institute for Leadership and Public Policy to help leaders to transform their Nations towards prosperity and liberty, to promote public policy created by enlightened and compassionate public leadership, bridging the gap between governments and those living in poverty.

This intensive week long conference seeks to facilitate transformational leadership development training, facilitate conversations about sustainable solutions, and public policy creation workshops. The aim is to see government leaders empowered to transform their nation towards sustainable prosperity. 

This year’s conference focused on ‘Keys for National Leadership’, with presentations on the importance of the rule of law, West African Security, Educational Legislation, Keys for Economic Development, Investing in Education, Values and Public Policy: Human Rights and Disability, Gulf States Stability, and on Leadership, Morality and Values. 

During the week, the Sheikh of Bahrain came to discuss interfaith dialogue, and how to push back on terrorism in the middle east with a unified voice. The conference had presentations from Parliamentarians from Afghanistan, Nepal and various African countries. 

The Conservative Leadership Foundation, established and supported by Senator Cory Bernardi is a leadership development and training organization for young conservatives, seeking to inspire, develop and support Australia’s future leaders who identify with traditional values, by helping them to be more effective in engaging with the public policy process. 

Through the support of Senator Cory Bernardi’s Conservative Leadership Foundation, I was able to not only attend, but to take part in this significant Conference last month.

Under the tutorage of Dr. Jerry Regier – former Secretary under the Bush Administration – we were taken through a series of workshops on Public Policy Analysis and Development, including strategic thinking for implementing public policy, implementation guidance and public policy making for public officials. 

It was a true privilege to present my public policy initiative for the Austral-Asia region on curbing the demand of human trafficking, based on international best practice standards, on the last day.

There are 36 million slaves in the world today, with 2 million of these slaves being children. 78% of these 36 million slaves are in the Austra-Asia region.

As a demand nation for human trafficking, and a developed nation surrounded by developing economies and vulnerable persons securable to exploitation because of their poverty, Australia has a significant responsibility to be the leading Nation in our region to eradicate human trafficking. 

A public policy initiative based on an international best practice model needs to be considered for Australia. 

I was able to present a public policy initiative based on the Nordic Model for the Austral-Asia region, and  to take questions from the floor as a way of discussing the implementation of such a regional policy motion, and what the impediments or unintended consequences may be to such a policy initiative.  

The conference is truly unique and necessary for regional cooperation and for supporting capacity building opportunities in the developing wold. Australia, as a developed Nation is surrounded by developing economies, and holds a great responsibility in partnering with, supporting and encouraging growth, sustainability and alleviating poverty, which is often a contributing factor to such international crimes as human trafficking. 

In the face of such leadership challenges, where they are required to deal with difficult decisions and judgements,my hope is that our leaders have the courage to stand for truth, justice and righteousness, that they show courage in the face of personal and professional trials, and that leaders have a true servant heart. 

I would like to thank Senator Bernadi and the support of the Conservative Leadership Foundation, who believe in and invests into future leaders, giving us opportunities to spread our wings and practice our skills and talents. If you are not already aware of the mentoring offered by the Conservative Leadership Foundation, I encourage you to contact them at: 

You can find a Q&A interview I did with the Conservative Leadership Foundation on my trip to Geneva and on what conservatism means to me here

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