Prevention Education

Fighting for Justice Foundation believes in the power of preventative education, running the following projects: 

1. Annual Field Trips for vulnerable women and girls in rural remote villages:

Women and children deserve the empowerment of understanding their rights and the dangers of human trafficking as a form of preventing this most heinous crime. Therefore, we see human rights education as an integral part of preventing the crime of human trafficking to the most vulnerable. 

Fighting for Justice Foundation takes a team into a developing rural remote village annually to provide womens' and children's rights education, anti-trafficking awareness training to community leaders and human rights education to vulnerable communities as a form of trafficking prevention. 

2. Therapeutic Human Rights Workshops for the prevention of GBV thinking or behaviour in young boys and men.

Fighting for Justice Foundation's End Demand Workshops are run as Seminars on Saturdays by request and on weeknights quarterly in Sydney and Canberra.

We acknowledge that violence against women is a men's issue: that men and boys are part of the solution! 

We also acknowledge that gender based and sexual violence against women is perpetuated by harmful online material, and that it creates a demand for further exploitation and slavery, and that prostitution is not inevitable 

Fighting for Justice Foundation provides workshops for men and boys to address behaviours and attitudes that may contribute to exploitation, slavery, trafficking and abuse/trauma towards women and girls in our communities. 

These therapeutic supportive workshops seek to empower men to make healthy alternate decisions to their gender based violent and sexually violent behaviours through cognitive behavioural and human rights principles and education. 

Our Workshops are run in one-day intensive seminars, as well as weekly group therapy-style sessionsIf you would like Fighting for Justice Foundation to visit your organisation or school to deliver a similar presentation: contact us.

3. Annual Educational Awareness Campaign Events

Here was our article highlighting our 2017 International Women's Day campaign. 


We believe that #IDidThat is a better approach in campaigns than #metoo, and believe in the power or taking responsibility for behaviours that are unhealthy, and empowering all persons to become the best possible versions of themselves. 

Our team of committed, skilled volunteers provide rights projects and rights education for women and children that diverts the prevalence of human trafficking and gender based violence against the most vulnerable. 

Slave markets are unfortunately common around the world, particularly in vulnerable communities, such as within the displaced asylum seeker communities. Andrea has been providing human rights education to vulnerable communities in the Australasia region since 2010 in partnership with local established organisations, elders and community leaders - who are supported by the provision of educational resources for their sustainable long term involvement in the prevention of slavery and human trafficking in their local communities. 

Contact us if you would like to join our team this year! 

If you are interested in donating your time, resources or funds to these important human rights advocacy trips, or if you would like to contribute your skills on one of our trips: contact us.

Our annual Demand an End to Demand campaigns and events are an opportunity to educate communities on the harms on demand, and occur on:



  • 25 November - International Day for the Elimination for the Violence Against Women - where academics, high level leaders and strategic thinkers gather to collaborate a way forward. 

Contact us if you would like to be a part of our End the Demand Campaigns, Events or Workshops in your local city, as a partner organisation, or to donate to this worthwhile cause that focuses on disrupting the demand and prevalence of gender based and sexual violence in our communities. 


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